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    Q: What's worse than a brain-dead comedy with no story, plot, production or star value that is designed to elicit laughs via bawdy humour?

    A: An “issue-based film” that looks to capitalise on absurd violence, item numbers by Sambhavna Seth, and 80’s-inspired balaatkaar scenes featuring Sayaji Shinde.

    The issue at hand is noteworthy. In a north Indian village, for generations in the name of tradition, men have been forcing their daughters and sisters into prostitution. ‘Forcing’ may not be the right word, because everyone - women included - are party to this, and with time it has become a way of life. Every man in the village is a pimp.

    The film doesn’t tell you where, but basic googling will point you straight to Natpura, UP, where such practice is indeed followed. Spending five minutes on your computer reading up will effect a far darker reality than this assault-on-the-senses called Rivaaz.

    nstead of attempting realistic cinema, Rivaaz is a mashup of the worst of Bollywood or even Bhojiwood (that’s what Bhojipuri cinema is calling itself nowadays). They could’ve opted for the docu-drama, they could’ve made it grim, honest, and done away with the commercial elements. We saw a similar theme - hard-hitting yet poetic - tackled in Bol, and it was beautiful. However, given the Rivaaz crew’s technical prowess they would probably muck that up too.

    Rivaaz’s story is total twaddle and the only line that registers from all the repetitive dialogue is ‘Bawli ho gayi hai kya?’ (because it is said so many times!) Other lines and scenes are written merely to shock.

    A father continually addresses his daughter as ‘maal’ and an angry young man poisons his ailing grandmother because she is no longer of ‘use’.

    These same elements may have been taken humourlessly if there was a shred of seriousness in the writing or directing but Rivaaz just comes across as a bizzaro circus of sexual freaks.

    Why on earth would discerning actors of the calibre of Deepti Naval choose to discredit themselves in this way? How did the director convince a financer to pump in the crores required to make this load? Who is the target audience of this confused serious-turned-senseless movie? Important questions.

    The answers? Your guesses are as good as mine. You’d be a total bawli/bawla to watch this one.



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