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    After more than 25 years, Satish Kaushik and Shekhar Kapoor have decided to bury the hatchet

    Assistant director Satish Kaushik took over the directorial reins of Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, usurping the film’s director Shekhar Kapur’s role. And ever since then, they were never able to restore the rapport they once shared. But that was until yesterday.

    Reportedly, Satish, who had gone to meet his friends Rajat Rawail, David Dhawan and Tutu Sharma at a club in Andheri, bumped into Shekhar. After more than 25 years, the two finally decided it was time to let bygones-be-bygones.

    They started chatting and spoke at length. Rajat Rawail, who was also present at the club, clicked a picture to capture the moment of Satish and Shekhar’s patch-up,” informed the source.

    Satish was assistant director to Shekhar in the 1983 film Masoom and then in 1987 for Mr. India. During Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, Shekhar and producer Boney Kapoor had an altercation over the time that the director took to complete filming. Eventually, Shekhar was oust from the project and his assistant Satish took over. Satish also took over the other Boney Kapoor production Prem, which marked Sanjay Kapoor and Tabu’s debut.

    “After that things were never the same between the two and although they did bump in to each other at various times, they simply remained cordial with each other,” added the source.

    When contacted, Satish Kaushik said, “We chatted for a long time. There were only misunderstandings and yeh sab purani baatei hai. I was his assistant in Masoom and worked with him in Mr. India.

    The misunderstandings were solved long ago but we never got an opportunity to speak at length like this. After I did Roop Ki Rani and Prem, Shekhar went to Hollywood, so we never had the opportunity to meet and speak.”

    Kaushik went on to say, “We were just sitting, when Shekhar came in. We were all surprised and then we called him to sit with us. I have invited him home as he has never come over. He promised that he will come now. We had some conversations about our old days and many other things.”



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