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    Sheís for real... pulling off glamorous to deglam roles with equal elan. Bipasha Basu in a freewheeling chat

    Do you consider being part of a Rituparno venture an achievement, a milestone or just another film in your careergraph?
    All my films are very important. I donít create a regional or language bias when it comes to work. And it isnít about arthouse or commercial cinema. Iím passionate about films Shob Charitro Kalponik is very dear to me because it is a film in my mother tongue. My parents had for long, wanted me to do a Bengali venture and Iím proud of this project. Rituparno is a genius who has extracted the best in me. I am very critical about my work. But I liked what I saw here.

    The film was screened at the Panorama section of the Durban Film Festival. In fact, itís perhaps the first-ever premiere for a Bengali film in the African continent...
    Iíve not been part of the festival circuit. It is a zone that I have not experienced. It is Rituparnoís credibility to have pulled it off there. I feel lucky to be a part of this film.

    Considering that Rituparno is a National Award-winning film-maker, how hopeful are you of a National Award?
    Like I said, I am unaware of the festival circuit. Iíve just been to the Toronto Film Festival. For me though, thereís no such intention attached, whether or not a film will be nominated or win an award, when I take up a project. However, those around me tell me that this film has a possibility of winning such an award. Iím keen to dub for the print that goes for the national selection. My voice would give something more to the character I essay onscreen.

    A lot of ink was spent on the dubbing controversy...
    Earlier, I was upset that I did not dub the film. I had chased the film long enough. I donít know why even after discussing with me, someone else dubbed for me. I wasnít given any reason. When I saw the film, it was difficult to like another voice during the first 10 minutes. But after that, it was the intensity of the film and the
    performance that triumphed.

    What exactly disturbed you about your dubbed voice?
    I have a distinctive voice. And for long, I wanted to do a Bengali film. I CAN speak the language. In fact, I feel, my kind of Bengali is right for the NRI character that I play. What bothered me was that ladyís English. I donít speak English that way. Thatís why, if the film is nominated, I would like to dub for myself. Iíve already told this to Rituda and the producer and they have agreed.

    How did your parents react to your performance?
    They were happy that I signed the venture. My dad, who doesnít usually visit my sets, did so here. He loved the way I was dressed up. He has not seen the film yet but my mother and younger sister, who isnít too much of a film freak, loved it. They also were a bit concerned about the voice. In fact, Iíd like to have a personal trial of the subtitle version for my dad, John (Abraham) and my friends.

    Seeing you decked up as a bride, did your parents question your marital plans?
    My parents trust me. They donít question me for nothing.

    How did John react to your Bengali bride look?
    Itís too personal to share.

    Would you work with Rituparno again?
    For sure, I will. We get along like a house on fire. I was pampered rotten on the sets with a variety of fish that I didnít have for a long time and sweets. Only this time, Iíll make him and the producer sign that I get to dub my voice (laughs).

    Who will be the crowd-puller here ó Bipasha doing a Bengali film or Rituparnoís film that features a Bipasha?
    Surely Rituparno has made his mark all over. But the Bengalis who like and love me, will certainly come to watch this film.

    Finally, what are your Puja plans?
    Kono plan nei. Amar chhoto bon London jachhe and Iíll be busy filming. Ekhanei (Mumbai) chhoto kore pujo korbo, ar ki!

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