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    Kangna Ranaut cannot seem to shake off the string of controversies that dog her. Most recently, the Rascals actress made news for being a non-starter as brand ambassador for Paris Hilton Fashions.

    A dubious PR outfit claiming to represent Paris Hilton's Fashion line sent out notices to the media that Kangana Ranaut was not going to be the brand ambassador and that she had been introduced to Paris by her then boyfriend Adhyayan Suman. Kangna, baffled by this sudden announcement has denied that she ever met Paris, with or without Adhyayan.

    Why do you think that your ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman is spreading rumours about introducing you to Paris Hilton?

    The fact that Adhyayan is going around saying that he introduced me to Paris Hilton is hilarious. Does he even realise how immature that is? I am an outsider in the industry, hence an easy target. I think I have become a punching bag. It perturbs me simply because lies can be really scary. I have to stand up for myself.

    So, are you the brand ambassador of Paris Hilton Fashions (PHF)? Have you received an offer from PHF?

    I am the brand ambassador of a jeans label. I have an exclusive contract with them. How can I be associated with anybody else? And why has my name been dragged into it just when Paris Hilton is about to come to India? Isn't it a strategic move to get publicity? As for the second part of your question, I just don't care. You need to talk to my agency. I am not supposed to talk about all the offers I get.

    Is it that your PR machinery floated this Paris Hilton offer and now, it has backfired on you?

    Really! Do you guys think that way? Well let me tell you that my PR machinery is working extra time to kill the stories that are written about me. They don't need to create any. I am in more news than I should be.



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