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    Default Papa Rishi preaches money to Ranbir

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    So everyone thinks that this dashing Kapoor is a Mommyís boy.

    Well, the way it appears, he probably is, and some lovely gals out there arenít too thrilled about it too. FYI... we arenít talking about Ms Dee, dahlings. She is quite a favourite in the Kapoor khandaan... at least thatís what we heard. On the other hand, while many Bollywood

    Ranbir makes his own choices and his own mistakes, too. Of course, thereís one area where the Sr Kapoor takes charge ó in matters of money. Apparently, Ranbir is not too good at handling his finances (especially now that the bank balance is getting heavier), so Pa takes over and keeps tab on all the moolah heís making. Weíre sure young RK is more than happy to have him do that, so long as no one has a say in matters of the heart. Right, loverboy Ranby? Daddies play the perfect ĎGodfatherí to their star-kids (we arenít naming the ABCs here), Rishi Kapoor prefers to let his beta fly solo. Yeah, he knows exactly what is happening in Ranbirís life (professional and otherwise) but he doesnít interfere in the script narrations, meetings with producers and directors.

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