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    Default Pakistan's ex-Prez on Koel's couch

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    Pakistan's ex-Prez on Koel's couch

    How often has a General from a contentious neighbouring country delightfully deigned to sit on a furry red couch? When is the last time you saw a quasi-dictator blush and giggle when asked about a beautiful Bangladeshi girl from his youth?

    Talking about her chat with the Musharraf, Koel says, "I had decided, just like any other celebrity I invite on the couch, I would strive to get to know the person behind the drama.

    By getting Pervez Musharraf, a man whose career has been coupled with coups, on the couch and peeling off the layers to reveal his hardly-ever-seen laughing, lighter side, I pulled off a coup of my own. You'd be a fool to miss it.

    Here are excerpts from Koel's chat with Musharraf:

    Koel: Gen Musharaf, you are a romantic guy at heart. Apart from serenading your beautiful wife in your young days as young officer, there was a particular incident involving a beautiful Bangladeshi girl that would have altered the course of your life as an army officer and perhaps the course of history.

    But of course, the 1971 war with India broke out and every thing changed. Would you like to tell us little about that incident.

    Musharraf: I don't think I would like to get involved in that. One does come across girls, obviously I am not leading a secluded life and that is where it stands.

    Koel: It is almost like Indian movies you almost got court martialled for the sake of a girl. You got...

    Musharraf: No, it was not because of the girl, I wanted to go to Karachi to meet my parents on leave, it wasn't because of the girl...

    Koel: Then why were you going to be court-martialled?

    Musharraf: Because I went a day earlier. For certain reasons, I got annoyed and may be I did a wrong thing, yes.

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    Thank you for sharing with us.



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