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    Default Oz producers of Saif-Kareena starrer failed to pay crew !!!

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    A Melbourne film production company, co-producer of the Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer 'Qurbaan', has reportedly failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the production crew.

    Workers and contractors on the movie have taken legal action against Swish Films, which was producing the film with the Indian company Dharma Productions in the American city of Philadelphia.

    The director of the film Rensil D'Silva has described the movie as 'a romantic thriller set against the backdrop of global terrorism.

    Swish Films even produced the Bollywood film 'Main Aur Mrs Khanna', also starring Kapoor, in Melbourne last year.

    According to a March report in the Philadelphia Daily News, hundreds of workers, including a stuntman, caterers, a car dealer and the Philadelphia Boys Choir, had been left unpaid and bewildered when 500,000 dollars worth of cheques issued by Swish allegedly bounced.

    'If you encounter a Swish Group employee, immediately grasp the pocket your wallet is in and carefully back up. Do not turn your back on them. It is the equivalent to dropping the soap in a prison shower,' the Age quoted stuntman John-Eric Schuman as saying on a website he set up to publicise Swish's alleged actions.

    Swish Films is one of several subsidiaries of Swish Group, and they have all been placed in voluntary administration this week, with a creditors' meeting to be held on Monday.

    While Swish Group managing director Cary Stynes did not return calls, he had said in March that the cheques issued by Swish were not honoured because of a delay in a transfer of funds from Australia.

    Several businesses and crewmembers filed a lawsuit against Swish and Dharma Productions, in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in May, claiming that they were owed a total of 150,000 dollars.

    Meanwhile Dharma has claimed that it gave money to Swish, which was then supposed to pay the cast, crew and contractors.

    Despite this, Dharma has said that it has made settlement offers 'in good faith' to creditors, some of which have been accepted and it would also take legal action against Swish to recover the money.

    'So far as we are concerned, we had not entered into any contracts with any of the claimants under the lawsuit and all contracts were between Swish and the claimants. The claimants have no rights against Dharma Productions and we have been advised that we are not liable under the lawsuit,' said a company statement.

    However, the announcement released to the ASX by administrators CJL Partners yesterday has not listed any of the American businesses and individuals allegedly unpaid by Swish.

    The total owed to Swish Group creditors is calculated to be 621,464 dollars, while the parent company is listed as owing 1.16 million dollars.

    CJL Partners' Adrian Warry has said that the administrator was still waiting for Swish directors to notify it of all creditors.
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