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    Smile The Oscar changed my life: ARR !!!

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    How life changes after one award. Ask our very own composing guru A. R. Rahman. After the Oscars ARR who had already been a busy man in India, has been receiving offers and accolades from left, right and centre. Rahman was also named as one of the top 100 influential persons in the world by the prestigious Times magazine recently!

    For the Chennai-based music composer life definitely has changed after the Academy awards. When asked how he feels now after the world recognition, Rahman revealed that getting the twin Oscars was a very unnerving experience. The composer who cannot attend even places of prayer without being noticed feels he has to now concentrate more on his music because that is his first priority.

    The Indian Mozart who has literally been living out of his travel bags (thanks to the adulations he has been receiving after the Oscars) literally broke his past records for traveling the past week. He was in New York, Dubai, Calicut, Chennai, Pune Delhi Mumbai, the list goes on!

    There seems to be only one downside that the Oscars have brought into ARRs life. The composer is not able to spend much time with his children. But ARR is not complaining. All he says is that before the Oscars his wife had dreamt that she was walking the red carpet by his side. She can now dream of walking to the Oscars with our children, says ARR.

    To a scribes query on how he felt being voted as one of the top hundred influential persons of the world the music director said and we quote: At the function I was on the same table as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and the CEO of Time magazine. When I went up to stage a chant of Jai ho went up in the house.

    Wow! ARR sir it must have been a moment to cherish !!!

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    good for himmm hes the bestt

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє

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    thanks alot for sharing!

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    Thank you



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