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    Oh Yes, I find Dhoni super-hot!!!
    By Subhash K Jha

    M.S. Dhoni?. and Hot? The Bollywood ladies sweat it out.

    Bipasha Basu: "Dhoni is great at his job. And he's a good ambassador for our country. He's always well groomed and speaks well. I find him soft-spoken and charming. And I don't think he uses his popularity for the wrong reasons.

    Esha Deol: "Yup, I'd say Dhoni is terrific?.And he conducts himself with plenty of dignity. Right now I think he's at his best?physically fit and raring to go. I'd say he's the best sportsman in our country today."

    Nandana Sen: "Dhoni has great focus, speaks his mind freely. And although he's super-talented, he talks like a very regular guy?I find normalcy in superstars very attractive."

    Raima Sen: "Cricketers have always been more popular than stars. I feel Dhoni's main charm lies in the fact that he's become the captain of the Indian cricket team at such a young age.

    And then he brought the Cup home. That did the trick. Success is the greatest aphrodisiac. It sure has added sex appeal to Dhoni's personality. And let's not forget his hip hairstyle.Wow!

    Minissha Lamba: "In any industry, whether it is cinema or cricket, we need to focus on people's achievements rather than wonder how far their sex appeal goes. Success is sexy. And everyone has the right to look his best.

    But physical beauty shouldn't be allowed to eclipse the value of his real personality. Or the fact that he has put the country on the international sports map.

    Kangana Ranaut: "I think Dhoni is hot enough to give any of our studs from Bollywod a run for their money. And since Dhoni can run faster than any of them, he has an extra edge. Of course I find him hot. Which normal hot-blooded girl wouldn't find him wow?

    Nisha Kothari: "I like Dhoni because he plays very well. That gives him immense sex appeal.

    Divya Dutta: "Oh I find Dhoni very very hot, specially his passion for living on the edge, not playing safe or getting tense while taking crucial decisions. He's so full of energy.And he's a fabulous cricketer. Of course the bare chest is the icing on the cake.

    Gul Panag: "Dhoni? Ha! He's a heady mix of good looks, success and power."

    Amrita Arora: "Yes he's hot?.but only as a player, please. His good personality teamed with being an excellent player make him a force to reckon with."

    Neetu Chandra: "Dhoni is a true team leader and he has proved it repeatedly. He displays a sense of responsibility and a great maturity in taking decisions on his team's behalf, I really appreciate these qualities in a sportsman."

    Mona Singh: "I find Dhoni super-hot. He not only looks good but plays a damn well. And he's super- captain.

    Sophie Choudhary: "Dhoni has an inherent quality which makes him stand apart from the crowd. Put him among 12 people, and he stands out. And it's not about looks?.It's about?.Je ne sais quoi?the X factor?

    It 'IT' thing??He reminds me of a lion. He's cool and calm and yet full of fire and passion. No wonder he's so appealing to the women. I find him vibrant, inspirational, talented and exciting. What a killer mixture!"

    Perizad Zorabian: "The fact that Dhoni comes from a small town and has beat all odds to make it, makes him very sexy. He comes across as determined, calm, confident and no-nonsense. He takes pride in who he is. These qualities make Dhoni stand apart in a world of self-promoting wannabes."

    Celina Jaitley: "I've grown up in an army man's home. I like men in uniform."

    And what about working with S.Sreesanth? Bollywood's Ladies Respond...

    Celina Jaitley: "Sure, why wouldn't I work with him? One never knows where a star can appear from. "

    Nandana Sen: "Is Sreesanth really doing a film? If he plays his character as well as he plays cricket, why wouldn't I want to be paired with him?

    Malaika Arora: "Does the Sreesanth film also star Mammoothy? Then, I'd rather co-star with Mammmoothy in the film"

    Mona Singh: "Sorry my debut has to be only with Ranbir Kapoor.

    Amrita Arora: "I'm a Malyaleee so why not?"

    Gul Panag: "Sorry. But I'm foggy about who Sreesanth is. Does he play cricket?"

    Neetu Chandra: "No I don't want to work with Sreesanth. I'd rather see him concentrate on cricket and win laurels for India than join movies. I appreciate him for being one of the best cricketers and our team needs him. Nope, I think he should stick to what he knows best."

    Kangana: "Me and Sreesanth? Why not? Bollywood has a long history of actresses pairing with cricketers. I think it started with Salim Durrani and Parveen Babi (in B.R Ishara's Charitra).

    Then Debashree Roy worked with Sandeep Patil, Reena Roy with Mohsin Khan?Who knows, Sreesanth could be as good as an actor as a cricketer



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