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    Smile Neil: A tad too real !!!

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    You never know what all some actors have to undergo to make the reel look real. Today’s actors give more priority to the real look rather than banking on make-up or camera tricks. They grow their hair (or beard), put on excess weight for a role, get into six packs, or totally slim down as per the on-screen demand of the character they portray in their films.

    One more star to join this real-look wagon is Neil Nithin Mukesh. Neil is shooting for a Madhur Bhandarkar film titled ‘Jail’. As the name suggests the lead character Neil is pictured behind bars in some scenes. Now for getting a real look of a prisoner the actor is reported to have sacrificed hitting the bathroom for five days straight!

    The shooting for the film is going on in Karjat. Sources close to the director reveal that the maker has erected a set that looks as close to being a jail. The inside of the set too is hot and humid. For a particular scene the hero is supposed to be in the same clothes with an unshaven look with dust and grit allover his body. It is for this scene that Neil has opted to shun away from bathing.

    Reports from the director’s close aides reveal that though Neil was not forced to do anything he himself willingly went ahead a decided to give a real look to the character he was portraying by staying from the bathroom for five days in a row.

    It looks like Neil must have emptied many bottles of deodorants while trying to give a natural look to his character. But kudos to you Neil for going the extra mile !!!
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