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    Default Neil suggests some rare Valentine Day idaes

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    Neil suggests some rare Valentine Day idaes
    Valentines Day is a whole 24 hours dedicated to celebrating your love and affection for that special someone. However, repeating the same "surprises" and routine of flowers and greetings will make the day lose its charm.

    Hence, this year we caught up the latest heartthrob Neil Nitin Mukesh to find out some unique and may be never tried before tips to impress your Valentine on the 14th of Feb.

    He was first introduced to the spirit by his friend and uncle and soon he developed a taste for it; folks we are talking about wine, some thing that tastes better with age.

    Neil suggests sharing a good bottle of wine this time round to enhance the flavour of passion at that candle light dinner that you may have planned. However, it's not just any wine that he recommends, so here's a list of the three best wines you can pick this Valentines.

    "Rose wine, a French wine that is a light shade of pink akin to that of a pink rose is perfect for a day like this. The taste of the wine, which is very fruity, gives that extra zesty feel along with the ultra smoothness while drinking it."

    Wine can be had by just about anyone and every one, however, we can make this special by combining a chocolate along with the spirit.

    "Combining chocolate and wine together is by far the best way to express your love to that special person, but you must bear in mind all the aspects while doing so, like the chocolate should never overpower the taste of the wine, if not the whole essence of the wine will be lost."

    With this new information we asked Neil a good chocolate to accompany the spirit and he promptly provides us an option. "With the Rose wine, I would suggest the Swiss chocolate Lindt.

    However, it should be the milk version of the chocolate, which is the white one. Any other chocolate will ruin not just the wine but also the chocolate, besides none of our Indian chocolates are compatible with such spirits."

    Second on the list Neil suggests the red wine Merlot. "Merlot has a very unique taste. At first it is pretty dry and slowly you get a punchy, tangy taste of the wine. It's a perfect selection to add that tinge of adventure and excitement into your dinner."

    He further elaborates about choosing a perfect chocolate. "Now since this wine is on the dry side, we cannot have a sweet or milky chocolate. This will be in direct conflict with the taste of the wine; hence we can opt for a dark chocolate.

    Preferably choose a chocolate that has a high cocoa content, once again the Lindt is a good choice, as most of the dark chocolate have a 99% cocoa rating."

    The third option Neil provides us with is the White wine, "It can be difficult combining White wines with chocolates, and the reason is pretty simple, the level of difficulty in finding the perfect chocolate to complement such drier wines is very high.

    However, a good option will be pairing milk chocolate with the Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. Besides this, the Chardonnay and French Vanilla chocolate can also be paired together to create a nearly flawless wine chocolate mélange."

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