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    Default Neil, too fair to be an Indian?

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    Katrina Kaif, John Abraham, fair Neil Nitin Mukesh (wondering why we are calling Neil fair? Read on...) and director of a soon-to-release flick,
    Kabir Khan were in the capital recently to promote their film.

    While John (who fractured his ankle while shooting for Hook Ya Crook) walked in with the help of a crutch, Katrina looked pretty in her little black dress. Neil had the audience in stitches when he narrated the incident when he was detained at the US airport some time back. “The officer who detained me said I didn’t look Indian. According to him, I was too fair to be an Indian! I told him to check my passport, but he just wouldn’t listen. I finally asked him to do a net search on my name. Even after that, his ego didn’t allow me to go. So, he kept me for a bit longer and then let me go,” laughed Neil.

    While Neil narrated this, we got to know an interesting tidbit about John. The actor’s been maintaining a safe distance from his phone these days. Kyunki a Delhi guy has been calling him incessantly and he texts Johnny boy too. A source close to John revealed, “The guy is stubborn and sometimes there are as many as 30 missed calls even if John switches off his phone for two minutes.” Aila! Kabir spoke about the film that is based on detainees in the US post 9/11.

    Aur rahi Kat ki baat toh she spoke about her character Maya in the film, who is really close to how Kat is in real life. “This role has allowed me to come and not say, ‘Okay, I need my hair like this and the lashes and lenses... any woman who has all that stuff on them, it becomes a sort of a layer. I don’t like make-up, I don’t dress up when I am on my own. People say, ‘Oh, you’ve gone de-glam in the film’. I just say, ‘Come and meet me when I’m walking down a street, and not working and that is how I look’. I don’t think I look de-glam! So, are people saying I am not glamorous when I don’t have make-up on? It is real! I still try to look nice but I try to look more like me.”

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