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    Default Neil and Asin's car connection

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    Of all the spats you hear of in the Bollywood circle, it comes as a relief to be acknowledged of the opposite and one such news comes in the form of Neil Nitin Mukesh and Asin Thottumkal! The latest buzz is all about
    the Ghajini actress purchasing a car just like Neil's, on his advice!

    According to sources, Asin wanted to buy a car and when she needed advice, who did she turn to? Well Neil of course!

    Neil recommended the SUV that he currently driv es. Asin, deciding to give the suggestion a test run before committing, was spotted numerous times driving around with Neil, his car was even seen parked outside her suburban residence a few times. The actress later went on to buy a similar model to the one Neil owns. Even the colors of their cars are similar; Neil's is a steel grey bordering on black while Asin's is black. The duo, who are said to be on the verge of signing a film together, obviously have similar tastes!

    Amidst all the buzz between the two celebs, like typical stars, both are denying any romantic connection; they too are giving this budding relationship the term of "friendship". Sources say that Neil and Asin have become close friends and are very comfortable with each other. The pair have been spending a lot of time together and have even been doing dinners too.
    Incidentally when Neil was asked in a recent interview which B-Town beauty he would like to date out of Asin, Deepika or Sonam; the actor cheekily answered that it all depends on which one of them has the taste to choose him! Going by the fact that they have similar tastes, does this means he approves? Neil also went on record to say that he is single but he also mingles and that any girl would be lucky to have him!



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