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    Default Neha hollywood debut creates stir

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    While the globalisation of our films is in full swing, we also find many of our stars bragging about even as little as a passing shot just because it’s a Hollywood project.

    We’ve seen Mallika Sherawat create a tremendous hype in the media for her five minute role in The Myth, only to end up being subjected to media mockery. Then there’s Aishwarya Rai on all the posters and hoardings of Pink Panther[2 that were posted around the city for her minuscule role in the film. Now the latest in the league, is Neha Dhupia.

    Recently, she was in the news for having signed a three part series in Hollywood called Bollywood Hero, to be produced by the Slumdog Millionaire producers. Everyone said it was a good move and this could be a big leap for Neha. But, when BTcame across the other stars of the same film, they had a different story to tell. Rachna Shah, who is Neha’s co-star in the movie, revealed, “What Neha did was not ethical at all. There are other Indian actors as well in the project and we could have all spoken about it. But as per the contract, we’re not allowed to speak to the media, unless we’re told to do so. Everyone was quite unhappy with this kind of a publicity that she’s drawing for herself.”

    To add on to Rachna’s statement, her co-star Julianne Sands says, “The movie revolves around this one person, Chris Kattan, who comes from Hollywood to try his luck in Bollywood. We’re all an ensemble cast who meet this guy at various points. So other than him, it’s not really anyone’s film.”

    So is Neha just playing a cameo? Says Rachna, “Everyone has equal screen time. But if you really want to dig out the heroine in the movie it is this new girl called Pooja Kumar, as she’s paired opposite Chris. Pooja is the one who should have spoken about it first, but she has maintained her silence as per the contract; while Neha has been making it seem like she’s the most important member of the cast.”

    Well, the truth in what Rachna and Julianne say about Neha remains to be discovered once the film is released. May be the actresses here should take a leaf out of the big role-turned-out-to be-cameo-experiences of their counterparts and take a good look at ground reality, rather than build castles in the air about their western sojourn.



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