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    Default Neha Dhupia to act in American TV show

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    While many Bollywood actors are looking to act in Hollywood films, Neha Dhupia is going the Shilpa Shetty way. The actress is signing up for an American TV serial called Bollywood Hero.

    Manisha Mahaldar: Tell us something about the TV show that you will star in?

    Neha Dhupia: Well its not exactly a TV show. It's a mini series called Bollywood Hero. It revolves around the main protagonist Chris Kattan who wants to become a Bollywood hero and I play a Bollywood actress, opposite him.

    Manisha Mahaldar: When many Bollywood actors are doing films abroad, why did you choose to start your western carrer in the TV industry?

    Neha Dhupia: Well purely because TV is treated as big as a movie there and after I saw how TV is in India and abroad, I realised there is vast difference between the two. It's going to be treated as big as a movie.

    Manisha Mahaldar: Neha your image in Bollywood is of a bombshell, so will you be eye candy in this show as well?

    Neha Dhupia: Well, yes. This bombshell image always work against me! I did three auditions for them and they were like if you won't play a Bollywood actress, who would?

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    lol thanks for sharing

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    Thank you very much for Sharing



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