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    Default All about Naughty At 40

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    All about Naughty At 40
    The word is that Govinda isn't being troublesome on the sets anymore and has started shooting for director Jagmohan Mundhra's 'Naughty At 40'.

    This kind of puts an end to the speculations that the film's in trouble.

    So does that mean that Govinda has finally decided to mend his ways?

    Director Mundhra decided to make a diplomatic remark and deny the reports. He said, "It was never Govinda's fault that the shooting had halted. We had some production problems which have now been sorted out. Govinda has never been troublesome. For a 3 p.m. shift he arrives at 2.30 p.m."

    Maybe he wants to make sure that Govinda doesn't turn naughty, play truant and trouble him like he troubles other producers. He said it's high time the industry realised that they are in the throes of a recession.

    He explained, "Actors within the industry have realized it and are working accordingly. There are reports of how Govinda has been troubling my project 'Naughty At 40'.

    But the truth is that the project being in trouble has nothing to do with Govinda. On the contrary, he has been unfailingly disciplined and punctual. The days of stretching a film and its budget are over. Stars now need to cut their prices and give their dates at a stretch. It's the only way."

    Currently the shooting is on in Punjab. The shoot will be on for 25 days after which the film will be complete.

    Of course it will be, provided moody Govinda understands too and doesn't change his mind again.

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    Thank you so much for sharing Dear



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