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    Default Nargis Fakhri is not in sync

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    The half-Pakistani half-Czechoslovakian actress' Hindi diction for the sync recorded film Rockstar was not good enough; director finally decided to get her part dubbed

    He was rumoured to have fought for Nargis Fakhri to literally have a say in Rockstar. But it seems that even Ranbir Kapoor’s efforts to train his half-Pakistani half-Czechoslovakian co-star to perfect her Hindi diction for Imtiaz Ali’s film have been futile. Reportedly, Nargis, who due to the insistence of Ranbir was supposed to record in sync for her own sequences, will now have her part dubbed by artist Mona Ghosh-Shetty.

    along with Ranbir, even Imtiaz, had given the actress a few lessons in the language.

    The director had instructed the entire cast and crew to converse with Nargis in Hindi, so that she would be prepared to record in sync for the project.

    However, after hearing Nargis’ recorded portions, the director decided to reconsider retaining her voice.

    “After much deliberation, Imtiaz decided to get Nargis’ voice dubbed. Previously, it seemed that Nargis’ voice would not need dubbing, but now he feels that it is necessary. And so, he has got Mona Ghosh-Shetty to dub for the actress,” said the source.

    Reportedly, Ghosh-Shetty has been recording for the past 10 days for Nargis’ parts at the Yash Raj Studio.

    “Directors usually take a final call on the extent to which the voice recordings of the dubbing artist and the actor are used in the film.

    Even though Mona is dubbing for all of Nargis’ parts, it is uncertain if Imtiaz will incorporate some of Nargis’ own voice recordings in the film. However, what is certain is that Nargis’ parts in the promo of Rockstar have been completely dubbed by Mona.”

    In the past, Mona has dubbed for Rani Mukerji, Kajol, Katrina Kaif and Bipasha Basu. When contacted, all three concerned parties - Imtiaz Ali, producers Ashtavinayak Cinevision and Ghosh-Shetty, refused to comment.



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