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    Default Nandana's new love Lucifer

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    Nandana Sen is in love! But the object of her affection isn't a man. But - a soft toy, a cat!

    A friend revealed, ''Nandana had purchased the soft toy from London. She was shopping when this cat caught her eye. Nandana bought it then and there and immediately named it Lucifer.''

    So impressive are the looks of the cat that it looks real. ''People confuse Lucifer to be a real cat and often tell Nandana to shoo it away before he comes closer to them. Nandana just laughs at their plight.''

    But Nandana is immensely in love with the toy to think of keeping aside. ''Nandana cuddles with him all the time. She feels she was lucky to have got such a unique soft toy,'' adds the friend.

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