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    Default All The Best' music will rock the charts

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    Film: 'All The Best'; Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty; Lyricist: Kumaar; Singers: Rana Mazumder, Soham Chakraborthy, Antara Choudhary, KK, Yashita, Clinton Cerejo, Suraj Jaggan, Rupam Islam, Kunal Ganjawala, Neeraj Shridhar, Alisha Chinoi and Megha Sriram; Rating: ***

    The songs of Ajay Devgan's 'All The Best' have all the qualities to become chartbusters. Pritam Chakraborty has churned out racy and power-packed songs as well as slow, melodious numbers.

    The album has five originals and two remixes.

    The title track 'All the best', which is crooned by Rana Mazumdar, Soham Chakraborthy and Antara Choudhary, is an energetic number with the sounds of the electric guitar as the prelude. The high-octave, foot-tapping track generates much interest and is a fun song.

    Next is 'Dil kare', which is equally power-packed. The heavy duty rock track is dominated by drum beats. Sung by Suraj Jaggan and Rupam Islam, it is high on contemporary sounds and will surely be liked by many, especially the youngsters.

    The number also has a remixed version with more added beats.

    Up next is romantic number 'Haan main jitni martaba', which is a really nice song. The high-pitched number has KK behind the microphone and he's done an exceptional job. Supporting him is Yashita. The use of the electric guitar adds zing to the song. It's surely worth a listen.

    This track also has a remixed version. But the original is much better.

    Then we have 'Kyon', which is undoubtedly the best song in the album. Sung wonderfully by Clinton Cerejo, it is a melodious, poignant number that instantly strikes a chord with the audiences. The song will definitely be liked by all for its purity and softness. The strumming of the guitar is the main musical backing in the song.

    And finally there is 'You are my love', another peppy track by Kunal Ganjawala, Neeraj Shridhar, Alisha Chinoi and Megha Sriram. It's more like a carnival song but doesn't impress as much as other numbers in the soundtrack.

    On the whole, there's a lot to look forward to in the music of 'All The Best'. Pritam has done a great job and so has lyricist Kumaar.

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    Monu.. Repost !! anyways.. thanks for sharing

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