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    Default Music album of Rahul Bose-starrer 'My Japanese Wife' released

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    Music album of the much-awaited Bollywood film, 'My Japanese Wife', was released here on Wednesday.

    Present on this occasion were My Japanese Wife's director Aparna Sen and actors Rahul Bose and Moushumi Chatterjee.

    The film shot mainly in English is based on a novel authored by Kunal Basu and includes 16 songs.

    Japanese actress Chigusa Takaku plays the title role of the Japanese wife in the film.

    While interacting with the media at the music launch, Aparna Sen described her film as a 'modern-day fairy tale'.

    'When he (Kunal Basu) told me the story, I thought it was so bizarre. It was so absurd and it was so charming. I found it utterly innocent...I mean, as I keep saying...they have quoted me on the book cover.... The story is almost surreal in its innocence. It is like a modern-day fairy tale,' said Sen.

    Meanwhile, actor Rahul Bose, who has earlier worked with Aparna Sen in her offbeat films, '15 Park Avenue' and 'Mr and Mrs Iyer', said his character in the film is quite romantic.

    'The character Snehmoy has stubbornness. He is writing a letter for the past 17 years to his lover, whom he has never met. During these 17 years of relation, he even marries her after eight years through letters, and they even live together like husband and wife in the same manner. One has to be really romantic for this. There is a stubborn and a strong man hidden behind the peace-loving and introvert man. Nobody can even imagine it. It was a beautiful character to play,' said Bose.

    'The Japanese Wife' tells the tale of Snehamoy, a schoolteacher played by Rahul Bose in the interiors of Sundarbans, West Bengal, and Migaya, played by Chingusa Takaku. They start off as pen pals, fall in love and even get married through letters. And although they have been married for 15 years and live together, they have never met each other.

    The film is scheduled for release on April 9.


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