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    Apart from being a prim and proper Miss World-turned-actress, Priyanka Chopra is also a smart and intelligent woman, something she has shown time and again.

    Recently, while shooting for an ad, the actress helped a technician get the shot right, as he was unable to deliver the way he was required to.

    A source on the sets says, “A particular scene in the commercial required the technician to shower some thermocol balls. Unfortunately, after several retakes, he was unable to shower it the way his director wanted him to.”

    The source continues, “Priyanka who was patiently giving retakes, suddenly asked the boy to come to her with the thermocol balls and the equipment. Initially, he was scared, since it was the actress who was calling him. But to his surprise, she held the sheet and actually showed him the exact way to sprinkle the balls on her. She was extremely polite and explained it to him very patiently.”

    In some time, the technician had practised enough with the actress and was quite adept at doing what was required of him. The source tells us further, “After practising with the actress for five minutes, he managed to shower the balls in the exact way the director wanted him to. After the shot, the crew and everyone present on the sets clapped for the technician and Priyanka was complimented for showing her many skills.”



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