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    Default Mugdha Godse gets injured in a road accident

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    9 - 17:01 IST Now this ain't what you want to hear first thing during the afternoon. After hearing stories about Mugdha Godse doing rounds that she was the first choice after Neetu Chandra got cast in Ram Gopal Varma's Rann, we decided to call the actress to confirm the news. 'Yes' came the reply. Of course, RGV seems to be too fascinated with Madhur Bhandarkar's dusky beauties, and why not.

    Mugdha replied back to us half an hour back saying that she was busy travelling at the moment and would chat in detail once she reaches her destination Pune. But as she was on her way to meet her parents, a near fatal accident happened on the Mumbai-Pune express highway where her car got hit by another car. We have confirmed just a while back that Mugdha Godse's driver was lucky not to have hurt himself as he pulled the brakes on time. But the sad part is that Mughs has got a few bruises on her hand and feet and is in pain. The actress left early morning today and decided to have a nap in the back seat and before she could understand what happened, in no time a big crash was heard which made the actress propel forward with a bad jerk. On getting in touch with Mugdha, she said, "I am fine but have bruised my hands badly. I am slowly getting to feel the pain from my neck too. It's badly injured. Thank God, nothing has happened to my driver and me. We both are safe but the car is completely out of shape."

    She added further, "I was on my way to meet my mom and dad before I start my third film All The Best. I just thought of paying them a visit as I did not get much time while I was shooting for Jail." However, in spite of an accident like this which could've turned fatal (touchwood it didn't), before she hung up the phone on us, the ever smiling actress put a smile on our face by saying, "Well, this is just another excuse I've got to buy myself a new car this summer."

    We at Bollywood Hungama wish Mugdha Godse a speedy recovery and hope she finds herself a sparkling new car soon. All the Best Mughs!

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