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    Default MS Dhoni chooses John Abraham over Bipasha Basu

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    We all know that cricketer MS Dhoni and John Abraham have been friends for more than seven years, and it is commendable considering both of them have been extremely busy with their respective careers. In the process, Dhoni and John’s then girlfriend Bipasha Basu too became good buddies. Bips was quite sure though that after her breakup with John, she would lose Dhoni as a friend, and that is exactly what has happened. The cricketer is back in Mumbai after a long and busy cricketing schedule and has been seen hanging out with his good friend John. But MS is maintaining a clear distance from Bips. Prior to the breakup, John, Bips and Dhoni were like the inseparable trio.

    It was Bipasha who announced Dhoni’s wedding on Twitter. The two were even seen chatting endlessly during the premiere of Race in 2008. So its clear that Dhoni has chosen his friendship with John over Bipasha. Well, we wonder how much influence John had over this decision. A source close to the actors told a newspaper, “It would be unfair to blame John. Think of it, it is natural that Dhoni would bond with only John now and not Bipasha. Yes, they were a trio, but not anymore. That’s it.” Well, you have our sympathies Bips! Dhoni has in fact gone a step further for John.

    Rumours about Dhoni turning an actor have been circling the media every time a director approached the cricketer. But he rejected all the offers until John made him an offer in his co-production. In addition to that, the cricketer has already given his nod for David Dhawan’s Hook Ya Crook which has been in the making for over two years now. Buzz is, Dhoni will be seen in the climax scene of the film for which he will be required to shoot for at least fifteen days. So should we commend the star cricketer for going to such great lengths for a friend or should we denigrate him for choosing sides? Tough one!
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