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    Default My mother always showed me the bad side: Kareena

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    My mother always showed me the bad side: Kareena

    Kareena Kapoor is on a real high. She is being showered with awards off late and the recent one being the prestigious India Today Women Award 2009 for her contribution to the world of art and cinema by none other than Erin Brokovich.

    Kareena states that she always cherished the idea of becoming an actress. She further revealed, "I always wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl in my mother's womb. The dreams resurfaced when I was became fourteen years old.

    I always told my mother that I wanted to act but then my mother always showed me the negative side of the industry. She often chided me saying that one shouldn't go by the glitz and glamour of the industry.

    But then one fine day I woke up and said that I had finally decided that I was going to act. My mother then advised me first to lose weight and then watch a lot of movies. She said being a star is not easy.

    There are two sides to it. You earn lot praise but also face a lot of criticism and negativity in the industry. You will have to compromise a lot in life" reveals Kareena.

    "My elder sister Karishma became a star and she too said that the path to stardom is not easy. I will have to work really hard to achieve my goal and learn to face criticisms." she further added.

    Kareena said that she was very adamant and hell bent on becoming an actress. "I plunged myself into it and there's no looking back.

    Yes there is a lot of compromise, negativity and criticisms but if you want to achieve something and follow your dreams you have to go through the grind only then will you reach your goal. I have done that and I am glad where I am today" concluded Kareena.

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