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    Default Your mind is stronger than ten wrestlers put together- Akshay Kumar !!!

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    Your mind is stronger than ten wrestlers put together- Akshay Kumar
    By Joginder Tuteja

    Come September and Akshay Kumar would be back with the Level 2 of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’.

    With the show promising to be much jaw dropping and awe inspiring with dare devilry stunts being the order of the day, ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ is already ensuring a high adrenalin drive.

    Currently stationed in Italy for the shoot of Sajid Khan’s ‘House Full’, Akshay Kumar talks about how this show is all about the mind game, rather than physical strength.

    So how does he actually go about inspiring his participants?

    Says Akshay, "I inspire them by stating that it doesn’t matter how small or how skinny or how afraid you are; your mind is stronger than ten wrestlers put together. This is one of the only shows in the world that is truly life changing, and I stand by it. I want people to look back and know that there was nothing they were too afraid to try."

    While Akshay is quite experienced when it comes to doing stunts, the girls taking part are perhaps amateurish. How did he personally motivate, help and guide them before the camera was turned on?

    "I knew exactly what was going through their heads, the amount of fear they were feeling, when and why they would panic. But knowing the stunts myself like the back of my hand, all you can give them is severe warning about what could happen. As for the rest, you purely motivate them and tell them that God is with you", he says.

    Akshay also emphasizes on the point around being completely focus on what you are doing.

    "I prepare them well and make them focus. That's because it’s actually tiny mistakes that cost points, as well as injuries", Akshay says, "I am quite happy though with the participants I worked with in Level 2.

    This bunch is a lot more competitive this year and had a killer edge about them. Some were there to win while some were there to try and just survive."

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