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    Default Michael Jacksonís bodyguard protects John Abraham

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    If you thought John Abraham was big, check out the dude behind him, thatís Lee Flisher ó till not so long the personal bodyguard of Michael Jackson.With the King of Pop no longer requiring his services, Lee is flexing his muscles on the sets of Madhu Mantenaís 1-800 Love in London, minding Johnís back. Itís not that the Bollywood hunk cannot take care of himself. But his Indian fans there are more than a handful. And Johnís producer, who is working to a tight schedule, figured a little extra security for the actor would not be a bad idea.
    Enter Lee, a mean mountain of a man, but with the gentle disposition of a child.John, who was intimidated by the bodyguard initially, said, ďWhen I first saw Lee, I was a little uncomfortable, but as I got to know him I discovered that heís actually a gentle giant and reminded of Shrek!Lee, meanwhile, has become part of the crew already. More than just keeping John safe, he helps him completely relax between takes, and keeps the actorís fans happy by talking to them and being extremely polite.
    Next will be a role in the film. And an introduction to Bipasha Basu, who really has the kind of body that needs a guard 24/7.

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    thanks alot for sharing!



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