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    Default MI 4 Ghost Protocol has just 300 seconds of Anil Kapoor!

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    Anil Kapoor's fans may be disappointed with his 'gone with the wind' performance with Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol.

    As per sources, Anil has a flashing 300 seconds 'short' act in the film's last half.

    "His character, Brijnath is a tycoon, who owns a satellite channel in India and is hand in glove with nuclear arm dealers to launch their missiles on USA, through his satellite. Both Paula and Cruise reach Mumbai to acquire the secret codes from Kapoor," said a film critic, who was shocked to find the Indian actor in a minuscule role.

    In the film, Brijnath (Kapoor) shows off his big money by throwing lavish parties and gets introduced to Paula Pattson.

    "Though Kapoor gets a chance to share a 30 odd seconds screen presence with Tom Cruise. He has quiet an intimate scene with Paula Pattson, which goes kaput in the end, when the lead actress knocks him down with her martial act," adds the critic.

    Kapoor appears, when the film is reaching climax and disappears in odd 4.5 minutes.

    "It doesn't matter, since Anil Kapoor has encashed all the mileage required with Tom Cruise during his publicity campaign in India. Though he was in film for a few minutes, but accompanied Cruise throughout his India tour off the screen," says a film analyst, who feels it is mission accomplished for Kapoor.

    In the past, Indian actors like Mallika Sherawat (her appearance in Myth with Jackie Chan was overhyped) also came as a sheer disappointment since the actress featured in the film for mere minutes.
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