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    Exclamation What I do with Mauli is nobody's affair

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    What I do with Mauli is nobody's affair
    There maybe few people in Bollywood who are always looking for chances to hit the front pages of newspapers. And why not!

    There is nothing to blame them as stars are nothing without public and media is the only way to get closer to people. On the other hand media is also dependant on stars as selling is impossible without any star posing for their hued pages.

    But see, while the whole filmy industry and even the whole world believe in that, Aditya Narayan is not ready to understand that synergistic relationship. Well, he has a reason, too.

    This 20 year old Sa Re Ga Ma Pa host feels that the media is focusing too much on his personal life these days. But it cant totally be blamed on media, too. How can media let such a massala go so easily?

    Its about the star singer son Aditya and imported contestant Mauli Dave. The hype regarding their relationship was slowly taking a foggy form with the intervention of media.

    Now the young chap cant bear anymore and fumes back. What I do with her is nobodys concern, throws the boy.

    As media get back to Aditya asking about whats wrong in it, the boy whips back, Why dont you guys also write about the 7 awards that I have won or the numerous concerts that I have taken part in.

    But dear, thats not all that public wants to know nah! They need more and more massala and thats why they spend time reading those willy-silly pages.

    On that argument Aditya looks little calm and fires a question back, Agreed, but should they also not be made aware about my work? I am tired of denying any kind of link up with her hence I prefer to keep quiet.

    Well, its after all your mouth. You can say or you can keep them closed. On the other hand you have many projects to work on also. But we have only this job of sniffing massala and we have to do it. Its a sawaal of our hand to mouth yaar! Are you still angry Aditya? -Sabir Rahman

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