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    Default Masachusetts Governor invites John Abraham

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    Masachusetts Governor invites John Abraham
    By Subhash K Jha

    With his next film to go on the floors 1-800-Love John Abraham becomes the first Bollywood actor to be invited to Boston with his unit to shoot a Bollywood film.

    The invitation to shoot the film entirely in Boston comes directly from the distinguished near-legendary Governor of Maschusettes Deval Patrick who is the first African -American to hold that office…a kind of precursor to Obama.

    "In fact Deval Patrick nominated Obama. I received a letter from Deval Patrick inviting us to film 1-800-Love entirely in Boston. No Bollywood film had been invited or shot in Boston before, " says the film's producer Madhu (Ghajini) Mantena proudly.

    John isn't the only producer on board with Madhu for this project. "Even the director Abbas Tyrewala, my DOP Manoj Lobo, the music composer A R Rahman are partners in the production. It's to build a sense of ownership within the project."

    Explains Madhu, "In today's day and age movie- making doesn't work unless all the major talent has a stake. It's the only way to build a trust within the project. So all of us go into our Boston project as partners."

    Though Mantena is not telling, the inside information is Aamir Khan had a considerable financial stake in Ghajini.

    And now it's John Abraham.

    Madhu Mantena intends to bring in all his leading men as business partners into his future projects.

    Now they all head for Boston in May, June and July 2009 for 1-800-Love which stars Abbas Tyrewala's wife Pakhi with John in an intense love story.

    "Ever single shot would be taken in Boston. Yeah, it will be expensive. The dollar has gone up. So I'm a little scared, " says Madhu currently raking in the moolah with Ghajini which is being touted as the biggest hit of the year.



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