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    Default Manyata reveals why she is not Sanju’s fan

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    Manyata reveals why she is not Sanju’s fan
    Manyata and Sanjay celebrated their first anniversary. This couple went through a lot of good and bad phase in last year. Manyata recalls few interesting memories of their relationship.

    Revealing about their first meeting Manyata says, “We met nine years ago, for six years we were friends and we were seeing each other only for the past three years but nine years is along enough time to know someone enough to know that you want to be with them forever.”

    Speaking about the huge 19 year age gap between the two Manyata said “I have always been mature for my age and Sanju has always been a little childish for his age, so it makes no difference now.”

    Manyata revealed that though Sanjay has a huge fan following, she had never been a fan of her actor husband.

    When asked how she relates to Sanjay as an actor, she quickly replied “The day I start relating to Sanjay Dutt as an actor, I don't think so my marriage will work. I relate to him as a person. Ki subah uthke mujhe autograph nahin lena hai, nashta banana hai”

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