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    Default Mallika Sherawat, the un-suitable woman?

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    Mallika Sherawat

    Mallika Sherawat has time and again flaunted her assets. So, understandably one time she wanted to be totally covered up, she faced a huge hurdle. If designer Pria Kataria Puri is to be believed, the actor made a request out of the blue to her to create a demure, smart brown suit for her, giving the strangest of reasons. Pria says, “On August 7, I had participated in a charity event organised by Jagriti wherein I had put together a fashion show. We had quite a few celebrities in attendance and Lisa Ray wore an outfit of mine for this charity event.” Mallika Sherawat too, was supposed to wear one of her outfits for the event.

    Mallika asked meto email her my designs in orange and off-white. But a couple of days later she asked me to design her a brown western suit!” Pria says.”She sent me a picture of herself with a a woman lawyer –saying that she wants to wear the kind of suit the lady was wearing, as she would be playing a lawyer in one of her forthcoming films and she wanted to prepare for the role” Pria says in disbelief. Pria refused to meet Mallika’s demands as the outfit “Didn’t fit in my line of work”. This seemed to have irked Mallika. Not surprisingly then, the actor made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance at the said event. “She came in, spoke for a few minutes and made a dash for the exit,”says Pria.

    However, Mallika’s spokesperson has a different story to tell, “Mallika was to speak on behalf of the charity devoted to victims of domestic abuse. She thought it most appropriate to wear an outfit that fit the occasion and did not detract from the message. When it was understood that designer Pria did not and could not make anything for Mallika that complemented the serious issue, Mallika purchased a professional suit from Christian Dior. In any case, Mallika will continue to devote her time and efforts for good causes like Jagriti and she thinks Pria is a talented designer whose clothes she looks forward to wearing in the future.”

    Good thing that Mallika kept her commitment, in spite of the differences!

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