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    Default Madhur: No demands from Kareena

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    Ever since actor Kareena Kapoor replaced Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the much talked about film Heroine, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, 43, has been at the receiving end of a lot of queries, particularly those related to script changes demanded by Kareena. Madhur admits to having changed the script a bit, but insists it wasn't Kareena who made him do so.

    "Absolutely not," he says in response to the reports, and adds, "The basic story structure of the film remains the same. I have made some changes to the main character. The film was stalled for a few months, so when I started again, I had to make some changes. Kareena and I have had a great rapport from day one."

    The film's shooting was stalled in June when Aishwarya announced her pregnancy. Kareena took on the role, reportedly after much persuasion from Bhandarkar. He denies that too, and says, "It was never difficult (to get her on board). I narrated the script and she was very comfortable with it."

    Did she have any jitters stepping into Ash's shoes? "Let's not get into old things. I am not talking about that," he says dismissively. He hopes that the film will work wonders for Bebo. "I have my fingers crossed. Till now she is known for bubbly roles. This is a very bold role and will break that image."

    Buzz had it that actor Arunoday Singh was replaced by Randeep Hooda as Bebo was uncomfortable doing intimate scenes with Singh. Bhandarkar refutes the news. "Aisa bilkul nahi hai. When I started the film, I had a certain character in mind. But now, I could not visualise Arunoday as that character. We met and he himself accepted it. He is a friend," says Bhandarkar.



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