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    Default Loveleen Tandan will now direct a film but will Anil Kapoor produce it?

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    Slumdog Millionaire's co-director Loveleen Tandan is all set to direct her film. And if rumours are to be believed she has already spoken to Anil Kapoor about it.

    At the moment though Loveleen is still to get out of the Oscar experience.

    Loveleen Tandan's most memorable experience at the Oscars? "My favourite moment was when A R Rahman came on stage and started to sing 'O Saya' with the dancers. I got goose bumps, and within seconds I was weeping. I felt so homesick at that moment. My worst nightmare was I'd trip and fall on my saree on red carpet.

    "I'm taken aback by the success of Slumdog Millionaire. I've contributed so much to it, I never felt I wasn't part of it. I never needed any endorsement."

    Will Danny Boyle work with Loveleen again? "I don't know about that. I'll be doing my own film now. I'm scripting my own film now. All I can say about it is that it won't be a female-centric film just because I am making it. I don't see myself as only a woman. My film will have strong voices from both strong men and women characters."

    And of course if Anil Kapoor steps in to produce the film, as rumours insist, there's nothing like it.

    But for now The Making Of Slumdog Millionaire.

    Informs Loveleen, "That's right. There was a guy Sujeet filming the entire crew and unit shooting our film. And I think there's a book on the making of Slumdog Millionaire coming up."

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