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    Default Love without the food of music - 'Aloo Chat' crew shows how

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    This one may make it to the 'Believe It Or Not' category. When the song 'Dhadke Jiya' was choreographed for the film 'Aloo Chaat', there was actually no song playing during the shoot and the lead actors - Aftab Shivdasani and Aamna Shariff - had to get cosy on Delhi streets and assume there was music being played.

    "Can you believe that?" exclaimed Aamna. "We shot the entire footage of 'Dhadke Jiya' in Delhi without even having that song? I can't help but smile when people say that the chemistry between Aftab and me was enhanced especially in this number when the fact is that we were completely clueless about how our scenes will finally turn out in the film," the actress said.

    Neither was the song ready by then nor was there any other dummy song being played in the background. Director Robby Grewal just explained the song situation to the actors and asked them to get naturally candid and lovey-dovey with each other.

    "He just said that we had to look and behave like two people deeply in love. Since it was meant to be a montage song, we could afford to just behave like a couple in love and come up with a natural act. Simple as it may sound, the fact is that it was extremely difficult and scary," said Aamna, who is stepping out of the small screen and into the big screen with "Aloo Chat" .

    "Aftab and I were just wondering if it would all turn out well in the end. Moreover, even though the frames of 'Dhadke Jiya' reflect that we were having a romantic time on the streets and at historical monuments of Delhi, it was far from true," the actress said.

    "All these places were quite crowded and here we were shooting for a serene song where we are supposed to be oblivious to all the commotion around us. It was in fact becoming difficult to control the crowds and at times the situation went a little out of hand. We visited Connaught Place, the Red Fort and Khan Market. We were relieved when the song's shoot got over," she added.

    "I am very happy with the situational songs in the film as well though there is the RDB (R. D. Burman)-sung title track 'Aloo Chaat' which comes in the end credits. I immensely enjoyed the experience and it also shows me in a different light altogether as I appear in a glam avatar," said Aamna, best known for her role in TV soap "Kahiin To Hoga".

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    Thank you suhaani

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