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    Default Look how Deepika Padukone likes to spend her Sundays

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    Actress Deepika Padukone may have chosen films over sports as her career, but the Bolly star admits that sports is always close to her heart. And that’s also one of her fave indulgences if the actress manages to get a Sunday off. “Well, any day that I am not working is treated as a Sunday. I think, as actors, that’s one of the things that we let go — the luxury of a Sunday,” shares Deepika.

    “As a kid, I recall spending the day with family and doing fun things with them like picnics, movies. Badminton, of course, was a huge part of our growing up years and I enjoyed the game too,” says the actor. In fact, Deepika reveals that she still plays the sport. “I’ve always been quite an athlete, so for me indulging in sports is one of the best de-stressers. I prefer a good game of badminton over a spa visit to relax any day,” she smiles.

    So, what’s an ideal Sunday like? “Well, I definitely catch up on sleep on the day off. And then it’s a huge breakfast. I also look forward to a no-make-up day,” she laughs. “The rest of the day is never a fixed schedule. But I do try and catch up with my friends, go shopping or watching movies. And of course, play badminton,” adds the actor.

    “I actually try and not chalk out a particular plan for a Sunday as such, because then it becomes like the rest of the days when everything is kind of pre-planned for you. So yes, in a way I crave for spontaneity and on the spur of the moment decisions,” she says.
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