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    Default London jinxed for Nargis!

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    Poor Nargis! She feels that she is not destined to visit London. Somehow she has a cross with the Queen's land. Every time she plans a trip, it gets cancelled. And mind you this hasn't happened once or twice, but five times repeatedly. And this is despite her completing all legal formalities and after obtaining the visa.

    A friend of Nargis revealed, "Nargis had planned a holiday to London recently. This was going to be her first visit there. But an important family occasion came up and she had to cancel her trip at the last minute."

    “The second time round Nargis signed Venus's 'Kushti' and had to call off her travel plans to the UK, as she had to begin shooting for the film.”

    "The third time," the friend continued, "Nargis was to fly to London for a film shoot. This time she felt sure that nothing would come in the way, as it was a professional commitment. But the shoot got cancelled at the 9th hour because the unit had not taken the required permissions. This incident left Nargis completely baffled."

    The friend added, "Nargis has family in London running a restaurant business. They invited her over. Just a day before her take-off, Nargis fell ill and could not make it."

    Wait there's more! The premiere of Nargis' recently released 'Morning Walk' was to be in London. But as luck would have it, it never happened. "Narigs feels that London is jinxed for her. She has now planned a trip to Greece," said the friend.

    Well the only thing we can say is, better luck next time, Nargis!

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