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    Default Things turn a little sour between Ash and Abhi…

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    Looks like the honeymoon period for Bollywood’s power couple, Abhi and Ash is over and now the usual husband-wife tiffs have begun to tickle in, where misunderstandings and small fights are a part of everyday routine.
    Recently on their way to award ceremony, Kunal Kapoor accompanied them and reportedly Aishwarya got too loud and vocal while Abhishek kept requesting her to keep her voice low.
    It’s been heard that Jr. Bachchan wasn’t happy about Ash getting a little loud while they attended the award function and wanted her keep a low profile. But Ash ignored him and continued to be her real self.
    This gradually got into Abhi’s mind and by the time they reached their hotel lobby and things got out of control and they had an open discussion regarding the problem. Later, it’s said that Abhishek asked his personal security guards to escort Ash to their room.
    Hope the storm has died down now.



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