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    Default The only man in my life is my scuba diving instructor: Urmila Matondkar

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    The only man in my life is my scuba diving instructor: Urmila Matondkar
    By Subhash K Jha

    As she turned a year older on Feb 4 the luscious Urmila Matondkar has finally taken the plunge. Literally!

    She has gifted herself a perfect underwater holiday in Koh Samui.

    "Being an aquarian I couldn't think of a better birthday than this, " cooed the ecstatic water baby from her exotic location on the eve of her birthday. "I've been virtually living underwater for the past few days. That's where I'm on my birthday on Wednesday. Believe you me it's like being in paradise."

    Urmila is ecstatic about her new passion. "Even my instructor is zapped by my enthusiasm specially since I can't swim. I have snorkeled in Goa. But unfortunately the water in India isn't that clean. And I was rather apprehensive to go underwater…but what better time than your birthday to let the mind conquer physical fears?"

    For years Urmila has been planning to learn swmming. "Would you believe I'm an aquarain and I've done all these supposedly sizzling water-borne scenes. But I didn't know how to swim! I still don't. I can't swim to save my life!!

    Once during a shooting in mid-ocean the boat collapsed and I nearly drowned. That's when I decided I have to swim. Though I haven't taken proper swimming lessons and you won't catch me in a swimmingpool I decided to take the plunge anyway.

    You know me. Once I decide to do something I'll do it. For now the only man in my life is my scuba diving instructor."

    Laughing with pleasure Urmila says, "Each year I go underground for my birthday. This year I'll be underwater. Seriously, I'm not a birthday person. For years and years my father has made charitable donations on my birthday.

    To me that means more than any celebration. Friends wonder why I'm so thanda about my birthday. But I'm excited about my birthday.

    I just can't go around skipping and dancing about it. Though my screen persona is of an aggressive person, I'm basically shy. I find it hard to show my excitement."

    How did Urmila spend her birthday? "Underwater. What else? I was going to be with friends in New York. I love that city. But it's snowed under.I prefer the water to snow."

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