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    Default Leander Paes loses his voice

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    Leander Paes’ fans will finally get to see him on screen. However, they’ll not hear him in the film Rajdhani Express. Director Ashok Kohli has decided to get Leander’s voice dubbed by another actor.

    Kohli admitted, “We decided to get his voice dubbed by actor Amitosh Nagpal. Leander has a very strong English accent, when he speaks Hindi. This would not go well with the character he plays. However, that’s not the only reason. Leander is also abroad most of the time and waiting for him to dub would delay the film by months.”

    Though Leander is unaware of his voice being dubbed, Kohli denied any conflict with the tennis star. “Our agreement clearly stated that the final call on dubbing rests with us. However, if Leander wants to try it out, we would readily agree,” added Kohli.



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