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    Default Kunal Kohli to make a love story that's set in Rome

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    Kunal Kohli has decided to do a love story set entirely in Rome. He has finished scripting a romantic saga for which he starts shooting in September. He has dropped the idea of a political satire.

    Says Kunal, "I'm doing a love story in the same sassy savvy space as my Hum Tum. Which is not to say I'm doing a sequel. But it falls in the same line of vision."

    Roman holiday

    The director says that the political satire is no longer on the agenda, "After the elections, the political satire didn't make any sense because the complete politics of the country has changed." Kunal has just returned from Rome after checking out locations in the city for his film.

    Refuting reports that he ran off from the Stuttgart festival to Rome Kunal says, "I did go to Rome from Stuttgart for three days from July 15-17. But it was planned from before. Since there were no festival activities on those days I finished with the events on 13 and14 July and was back on July 18 in time to attend the rest of the festival."

    He laughs off the rumours about 'eloping' with a girl in Rome, "My wife and I both had a good laugh over it. But it does get embarrassing to such things. There are relatives and friends one has to be answerable to."

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