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    Default Knockout and Aakrosh biggest flops of 2010

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    This qualifies as the worst weekend of 2010. The business hit an all-time low last Friday. Several cineplexes were as good as empty. At places, no audience led to no shows being performed. Post DABANGG, one assumed that the business was heading Northwards, but the numbers of AAKROSH, KNOCK OUT and RAMAYANA [animation] proved us wrong. The numbers have come as a rude shock. I am sure, those associated with AAKROSH and KNOCK OUT are shocked and speechless as well. The films have been knocked out and how!

    Both AAKROSH and KNOCK OUT were aggressively promoted prior to their release, so how does one explain the poor occupancy at ticket windows? The question of positive/negative reports arise only if people walk into the auditorium, watch a film and pass judgment. AAKROSH had a strong word of mouth, while KNOCK OUT, though it didn't garner great reviews, was appreciated by those who watched it. So why didn't the occupancy at cineplexes improve/show a jump during the course of the weekend?

    The distributors I spoke to are at a loss of words. Yes, the pre-Diwali period is considered dull [film business hits a low before Diwali], but no one expected the business to be so bad. With four new films hitting the screens next Friday, the fate of AAKROSH and KNOCK OUT is sealed.

    What does the failure of AAKROSH and KNOCK OUT indicate? Does it indicate that the audience is not in a mood to watch dark films that portray reality [AAKROSH]? Does it signify that the viewers are averse to watching Hollywood rip offs [KNOCK OUT]? Does it indicate that we should be churning out only mindless fares in the name of entertainment? If top notch stars and fantastic promotion cannot guarantee a healthy opening weekend, imagine the plight of films which boast of no stars or lesser known names.

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    Akroosh maine abhi tak dekhi nahi aur jahan tak Knock out ka sawal hai mujhe
    to bohat achi lagi ...................



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