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    Default Kites flies high in Cannes with Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori

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    The spate of Indian corporate film companies in Cannes unleashing their press conferences, announcing new plans and new deals as well as their new films, began with Reliance on Day Three of the Cannes festival. Their trump cards, which attracted a brigade of TV cameras and still photographers was the impressive presence of Hrithik Roshan, dazzling in an all-white suit, and the lovely Mexican model and now star, Barbara Mori.

    The occasion was the announcement of yet another firm step the head honchos of Reliance have taken to enter the Hollywood arena with a film designed for global audiences.

    Prasoon Joshi, on the Reliance Board as advisor, said “We are announcing our new film Kites which is a story set mostly in Mexico (with locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well) between an Indian male and a Mexican beauty, who he falls in love with. While the film has Indian sentiments about romance and family, its setting and telling have overtones that frame the west.” The blurb of Kites describes it as a love story that crosses borders and linguistic barriers.

    The film’s story, details of which have been kept under wraps, is purported to be about a young Indian man’s romantic liaison with a Latino girl. Problem is they do not know each other’s language. Hrithik plays a salsa teacher. Kangana Ranaut is a wealthy girl who is his dance student, who falls madly in love with her handsome tutor. The film then turns from a romance to a thriller. Barbara plays a girl who speaks only Spanish, a language completely new to the salsa teacher. He speaks to her in Hindi and yet the two communicate and grow very close to each other. However, circumstances force them to split.

    When Hrithik and Barbara entered the venue of this press area at the Majestic Hotel, there were around 25 TV cameras and several reporters waiting for them. The press conference was opened by Reliance Chairman Amit Khanna. Present also was Rakesh Roshan, who has produced the film using a high-tech crew from abroad. The other top brass of Reliance present were President Rajesh Sawhney and COO Mahesh Ramanathan. On hand also was the director of the film, Anurag Basu. In the film, Kangana plays the role of Hrithik’s other love interest.

    The press area for the occasion had impressive posters from the film, one with Hrithik and Barbara in a striking dance pose.

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