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    Default 'No One Killed Jessica' finds a supporter in Sabrina

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    It's an oft noted trend for Bollywood films inspired from real life to be rejected by those they claim to portray. Most recently, Ram Gopal Varma's 'Rakta Charitra' was in the news after the family of one of the characters from the film filed a case to stall its release. Ratnaprabha Dolas, mother of the real life Maya Dolas, who was killed in the actual 'Shootout at Lokhandwala' also tried to stop the release of the Apoorva Lakhia film on her son.

    'No One Killed Jessica', the upcoming Rani Mukerji Vidya Balan starrer, however, seems to be bucking the trend. The Rajkumar Gupta directed film is based on the Jessica Lall murder trial and has earned itself a vote of confidence from Sabrina Lall herself, who Vidya plays in the film.

    Speaking to a daily publication recently, Sabrina mentioned that she would surely go watch the film. She added that the film was "about that part of [her] life which is impossible to forget." Recommending it, she said that the incidents shown in the film "happened years back and a film releasing on Jessica at this point of time is actually information for a lot of people out there who have just heard about Jessica Lall, without any details."

    While Sabrina wasn't greatly involved with the making of the filming, only meeting Rani and Vidya once, this show of confidence from her will surely be a boost for the 'No One Killed Jessica' team. All that remains to be seen is whether the film can gain the audience's confidence now…

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