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    Last week, Katrina Kaif had the scare of her life when she learnt she was being stalked.

    To make matters worse, the stalker managed to hoodwink the security guards in her building and landed up at the actress’ house twice. Fortunately, he was handed over to the police last week.

    A close friend of Katrina said, “The man had been constantly hanging out outside Katrina’s building but no one paid any attention to him. But, a week ago he went up to her house early in the morning and told the domestic help that Katrina had summoned him. It was 7.30am and as Katrina was asleep, the domestic help called up Katrina’s business manager, who asked the man to come back later in the evening.”

    When the stalker reached Katrina’s house in the evening, she wasn’t home. But he did manage to meet her business manager. During the course of the conversation, the actress’ manager realised that the man needed medical help as he was behaving and talking in a strange manner. According to the business manager, she immediately phoned the police who reached Katrina’s house within seven minutes and arrested him. At the police station, he was released but not before being given a strict warning.

    “The police acted promptly even though they were unaware that the call had come from Katrina’s manager. Meanwhile, Katrina has had a word with the building authorities and the security has been beefed up to ensure that the unpleasant incident isn’t repeated. Incidentally, the stalker was seen outside her building even after the police warning, but he left on noticing the increased security
    ,” added the source.

    Katrina’s business manager confirmed the incident and said, “Yes, this did happen and we had to call the police.”

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