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    Default "I wanted Katrina as a Rock Star" - Sanjay Gupta

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    Sanjay Gupta has a lot to say about the IPL film that he has shot for Vijay Mallya with Katrina Kaif. "I don't do ads as a rule. They take as much effort as feature films. Right now, I'm heavily into multi-tasking. Besides work I'm also getting into shape physically. The IPL video took a month of my time. At the risk of sounding immodest, I think I was the obvious choice. They needed a larger-than-life action - spectacle."

    Gupta wanted to project Katrina Kaif as a rock star. "When Mallya asked me whom I wanted to work with, I said Katrina. She's had the hits so far. But she hasn't been projected correctly as a diva. Where's even one song that she can be identified with like Sridevi and Madhuri were associated with chartbusters? I explained to Katrina that I wanted to present her as a rock star like Annie Lennox and not a cheerleader."

    Katrina has even been dressed like Lennox. "Very smouldering presence. And two singers Aanchal and Sophie Chowdhary sang 'Jeetenge Hum Shaan Se' for Katrina. Shaan is the first word that comes to mind when we speak about Vijay Mallya. Katrina was barrels of fun to work with. She pulled a prank on me that had me shitting bricks. My assistant came to me and told me Katrina fainted in Mumbai's April heat. I immediately swallowed it. But she was back."



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