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    There is a old saying that old is gold but the new saying has an additon that new is even better. New always excites & generates interest thats what atleast Partner's director David Dhawan thinks.
    In partner 1 Katrina was casted as Govinda's love interest & Lara was casted opposite Salman. The film was a hit.
    But now Partner's director has taken the decision to experiment & replace the hot & in demand actress Katrina & sensuous Lara from the sequel of partner 2.
    According to the director people will be bored to see the same heroines, it would look monotonous.There wouldn't be any curosity or anything to look forward to.
    This again proves the point that heroines in Bollywood film are just eye candies, just a thing to oogle at.
    Moreover, partner 2 will not carry the story line of partner 1 ahead, it will be different & discontinuous. It will have a new set up with new heroines to ornate it.
    The shoot for partner 2 is scheduled for August.



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