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    Default Katrina Kaif launches sister Isable, turns producer….

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    Katrina Kaif launches sister Isable, turns producer….

    The entire film industry is eagerly waiting for the debut of Kat’s sister Isabel.
    Isabel recently completed her acting course in the US and Katrina is now mentoring her on Bollywood. She makes Isabel see Bollywood films and forces her to always converse with her in Hindi.

    According to a popular tabloid, Katrina will not just produce sister Isabel’s debut film, but will also share screen space with her to ensure eyeballs. The debut flick will probably be the remake of a French film.

    A source close to her says, “She would have turned producer some time ago. She has almost bought the rights of a French film for which she wants to play a female soldier along the lines of Goldie Hawn’s Private Benjamin.

    But she decided to save the moment and use it for her sister’s benefit. Isabel has finished attending acting school in the US and Katrina will now take the plunge.”

    Innitially, Katrina was not very sure and apparently reluctant to share the screen space with her sister. Reason: to avoid comparisons. But soon she realized that this was the only way to ensure eyeballs for Isabel.

    According to Kats, “I can’t deny the fact that my sister is making her debut. But it’s too early to give out details. I will say this though. When I came to Bollywood, I couldn’t tell Sholay from Mughal-e-Azam.

    “I’m going to ensure my sister understands the cinematic and spoken language of Hindi cinema. I will give her the initial boost. The rest is up to God and the audience,” said Kaif. . She



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