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    Default If Katrina can, so can Indira

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    She has just returned from a working holiday in Switzerland.

    Excited to have shot a short film made by partner Colin, Indira Varma is now spending family time in London before she leaves for the US to do quality work that allows her to explore her potential much beyond what she has already done on screen with Kamasutra: The Tale of Love, Rome, 3lbs, Torchwood, Attachments, Little Britain, The Canterbury Tales, Broken News, Basic Instinct 2 and Bride and Prejudice and on stage with Celebration, One for the Road, The Vortex, Privates on Parade, Ivanov, Othello, Remembrance of Things Past, The Skin of Our Teeth and The Vertical Hour. While she considers herself to be Ďincredibly blessedí to have worked with Harold Pinter, the half-Indian half-Swiss actor is now eager to learn Hindi to do Bollywood films !

    Have you consciously avoided Asian typecasting both on screen and stage ever since you did Kamasutra: A Tale of Love?
    I was part of Bride and Prejudice and also did a film on Jinnah. It was screened in London though I donít think it released in India. When Kamasutra released, there were many who didnít know that I used to live in Britain. For me, itís important to be seen as a good actor and not just as an Asian actor. Theatre was my first love and I chose not to be typecast. The only Asian role that Iíve done on stage is that of an Anglo Indian in Privates on Parade.

    When was the last time you came down to India?
    My father had passed away a month after my daughter was born. She must have been eight months old when we brought her to our ancestral home in Bhopal. Even today, she seems to be able to remember something of the visit when we show her the pictures.

    Has motherhood cut down your offers?
    I had such apprehensions before my pregnancy. But that hasnít been a reality. An actor matures with
    experiences and the more the emotions he/she has been through, the greater the intensity of performances.

    Despite motherhood, you still havenít married...
    I donít know why we havenít got married yet. Weíve been together for 10 years now. Perhaps, we will when our daughter is old enough to enjoy our wedding!

    Do you keep track of contemporary Indian cinema or music?
    n Not much. Deepa Mehtaís works are exciting. Iíve watched Santosh Sivanís Before the Rains. I remember watching the Apu Trilogy at the cinemas over a day. Satyajit Ray is such a historical film-maker. His films should be made mandatory viewing for school children. Iíve listened to Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ananda Shankar and more recently, Talvin Singh and Nitin Sawhney.

    Do you like to revisit your films?
    No. I fear I might be disappointed or be embarrassed.

    Would you agree to doing a role on the lines of Kamasutra at this stage in your career?
    Not really.

    Is that a morality issue now?
    No. I donít think thereís anything wrong with the body. Thereís nothing wrong with nudity. Itís about how the body gets displayed that makes the viewing offensive or otherwise. Youth is beautiful. Itís not that I wanted to do that role in Kamasutra. I was young and had no power. If I didnít do that role, there were hundreds of others who would do what I did and a lot more than that. My father was very angry when he got to know about my role. But he didnít abandon me when I decided to live with the choice I made.

    An online site alleges that you had criticised Ash for not having grown up on Rayís films. Do you really harbour such opinions?
    n Of course, not. There are so many classics that I havenít seen. Such articles are only written to portray that two artistes are at loggerheads with each other.

    Does acting in a Bollywood film excite you?
    Iíve love the challenge of doing something new. Bollywood is magical. Iíd want to do it without being
    cynical about the form. The only hitch being that I canít speak Hindi. But I donít think itís too late. Whoís that actor from London who couldnít speak Hindi well but is now doing a lot of Hindi movies?

    Do you mean Katrina Kaif?
    Yes. If Katrina can do Bollywood films, I donít think itís too late for me either.



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