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    Default Kareena's Enemies List!

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    This is a list of enemies that the media has cited with Kareena Kapoor. Most of them actually seem to be true. Kareena definitly has made negative remarks about most of these people in the news. People say that you will always have enemies when you are at the top. But Kareena has only recently been at the top, yet all the "enemies" are from the start of her career and even her low phase before Jab we met.

    BOBBY DEOL- It is common news that the two didnt get along during Ajnabbe. She even sdmited it on KWK. Apparently, even karishma is not very fond of the deol boys.

    PREITY ZINTA- the whole Kal Ho Na Ho episode resulting in Preity's Superstardom. Kareena lost the "role of a liftime" (her own words on KWK.

    SHAHID KAPUR- Maybe not enemies but they certainly arent very comfortabel with eachother. On Tera mera beach mein, Kareena said that ex-girl friends can never be friends.

    AISHWARYA RAI- She seems to have a definte dislike to Aishwarya. Perhaps becuase Karishma was to marry Abhihek. Or maybe cause Kareena was considered too imature to enact the role of Paro in Devdas alongside the Queen Madhuri Dixit. Aishwarya eventually immortalized Paro.

    SANJAY BHANSALI- There were talks of her doing Devdas, But Aishwarya was chosen at the end. Recently, she showed up at the Saawariya premier so they may have patched up somewhat.

    KARAN JOHAR- Although they have patched up now, there were cold ibes between them because of Preity doing Kal Ho na Ho for which Kareena demanded too much money.
    JOHN ABRAHAM & BIPASHA BASU- Maybe cause of Bipasha, but Kareena called him "expressionless" and Bipasha rataliated by saying kareena "has too many expressions.

    PRIYANKA CHOPRA- First they were considered good friends. But somewhere, something DID go wrong. Priyanka later explained that they were better off being acquaintances than friends. Maybe Kareena didnt expect Priyanka to become the star that she did, eventaully giving Kareena stiff competition.

    HRITHIK ROSHAN- Media linked them together and they were the new hot jodi in the early 2000's. But after doing half a dozen flop films together (besides K3g), they parted ways and dont show signs of working together again. Maybe the affiar has some truth in it.

    AMISHA PATEL- Kaho Na Pyaar Hain orignally had Kareena but she dropped it to do Refugee cause it was thought that Amitacbh's son would be the bigger star and the film a biggger hit. Another great film that Kareena lost out on.

    Kareena is perhaps the actress with the most enemies in Bollywood. You would think that her career would be over with the number of high profile enemies she has. For a while it was when no one wanted to work with her (before JWB).

    What do yo think is the reason for her having so many alledged enemies?
    Is she too competitive?
    Is it her Big head?
    Is it because she knows she is a Kapoor?
    Is she too immautre?
    Too Honest?
    Are the all just jealous?


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    how bout all of them.. its all in her head if someone better will come along she will go down again
    thats why she also does stuff to be always on the news..with the whole thing bout being size zero and all n break up
    biggest step she took going with saif like how else was she supposed to come into the limelight and be there for so long..

    meh kareena's watever just did one or two good movies and now she thinks shes the queen of bollywood

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє

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    she thinks too much of herself and is a showoff

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    She's too proud and egoistic

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    she has lot of attitude

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    kareena khud ek Enemie hai sabke ley
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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    me agree to all

    shez Bee I Tee Cee Ech




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