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    Default Kareena-Saif plan holidays

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    While the world is speculating about why Kareena Kapoor
    who’s in a relationship with Saif Ali Khan, is keeping an eye on her exboyfriend Shahid Kapur, she is happily making plans to celebrate her two years of togetherness with Saif Ali Khan on August 16, which is Saif’s birthday.

    Kareena Kapoor confirmed, “It’ll be two years on that day since Saif and I started dating.”

    While the actress is looking forward to spending more quality time with her beau, she is upset over the fact that her past is still haunting her. She hasn’t taken too well to reports of her keeping tabs on her exboyfriend and his girlfriend. “I was in Lake Como with Saif a few weeks ago when I heard that a section of the media was saying that I was keeping tabs on Shahid. Please spare me from such vile gossip. I’m a woman in love, and I have clearly moved on,” Kareena said.

    Speculations notwithstanding, Kareena is excited about her second anniversary in August. While she is absolutely tight-lipped about the actual celebrations that will take place on that day because it is a very private matter, she is sure that the period of celebration will be an extended one because on September 1, the couple will start work on Saif’s second home production, Agent Vinod. They will be shooting in Nice, Istanbul, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Prague and Russia.

    Talking of their extended ‘holiday’ on the sets of Agent Vinod, Kareena said, “Agent Vinod is Saif’s raison de etre currently. I often lose him to lengthy discussions with Sriram Raghavan in the middle of the night also. Sometimes at 3pm Sriram and he are excitedly discussing some scene.”

    She added, “Saif may play a hundred different roles. He is a chocolate hero and looks perfect in romantic comedy films-like Hum Tum and Love Aaj Kal. But in his heart he is James Bond. Even when we were in England recently, every evening he’d wear a suit at seven and take me out for a round of drinks and dinner. He’s like his martini shaken not stirred. And, he’d often woo me exactly like it happens in those Bond flicks. Since the age of nine, he has always wanted to play this suave, gun-totting spy.”

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    go to the bahamas......

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    thanks alot for sharing!

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